June 19, 2024


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C4305085 : Just Listed

This home is built for entertaining with 3483 sq ft on 4 floors. Enjoy huge windows in the living room, a 2 storey stone fireplace & statement chandelier in the dining room; a chef’s dream kitchen with high end appliances! The backyard has artificial turf, outdoor fireplace & pergola. The media room down, is complimented nicely by the wet bar in the hall & a guest room & 5 pc bath. The 2nd floor offers a long built in desk for 2, 2 bedrooms, a full bath, laundry room & the bonus room, with wet bar & wine fridge. The private master suite & balcony are the 3rd floor (with view of the park). Check out the stunning ensuite! This is a home you don’t want to miss! It’s air conditioned, has great storage, dbl garage & the area is perfect for walks, close enough to Crowchild & Glenmore, for convenience but not the traffic and close enough to Marda Loop to enjoy all the area has to offer, without the crowds & across from a park! It’s attached, but not side by side so doesn’t look or feel like an attached home. View Listing Details … Related: unpatriotic behavior examples, martha sugalski new house, hoffman race cars setup, what happened to heather nichols brandon burlsworth, yogambal sundar recipe index, timothy o’donnell obituary, class reunion hashtags, why is my printer printing purple instead of black, mstp programs ranking, lexus diamond club tickets, what illness does denzel washington have, deb burns dr jeff, kerrisdale capital sec investigation, dayton fan company website, trader joe’s chipotle mayo,Related: tim mcnamara diana chan, powerapps join two collections, what does dealing with excess temperatures include, hawaiian paradise park crime, watkin garrett & woods obituary column, ginger self saucing pudding my food bag, max gilliam parents net worth, olive garden coming to ashland, ky, elevation church pop up 2022 riverside ca, fenifox bluetooth keyboard instructions, cayuga county police blotter, hollie doyle net worth, ariel and michael tyson net worth, do you need a license to crab in texas, general atomics layoffs today,Related: tiffany nelson arizona, baltimore sun chad cradock, natural mongoose repellent, strawberry scones hairy bikers, cuban cigars dipped in cognac, cameron diaz house long beach, bank sale properties nova scotia, s3 subdomain status running, radar omega vs radarscope, duck fart shot deadliest catch, azure custom vision prediction api, dana loesch gun sponsors, sarah chapman diddy, is shapes chicken crimpy halal, all discontinued mcdonald’s items,Related: 200 hour yoga teacher training retreats, wendy’s apple dumpling recipe, franklin ma police scanner, colville tribe per capita 2021, best doenjang brand, best towns to live in baja mexico, alcon sa60at a constant, triangle with exclamation point honda, vaul trust cockeysville md, how old was nellie oleson when she married percival, wakefield high school graduation 2022, 5 pillars and principles of servant leadership, used g3 boats for sale in wisconsin, all age mobile home parks in orlando, florida, willys jeep machine gun mount for sale,Related: carquest merchandise apparel, dairies for sale in oklahoma, kia refill inverter coolant, interdesign, inc test, how to find a car with partial license plate, houses for rent in danville, va, ufc 3 weight champion, falcon plastic surgery, kkw beauty concealer dupe, margin call calculator, which aot character would be your girlfriend, abandoned military bases in texas, welch funeral home montross va obituaries, kershaw county news today, tanya bardsley younger,Related: average temperature in colombia, olivine crystal structure, goodyear wrangler workhorse at vs trailrunner at, kuwait family visa new rules 2022, neighborhood jam calories, nate hosie net worth, 400g tin chickpeas calories, ppg automotive paint codes cross reference, what airlines hire flight attendants at 18, mindoula health las vegas address, black rock garlic cream cheese dip, echoes 12 pdf, american music in the early 1900s, has anita manning left bargain hunt, seaborn in python w3schools,Related: sylvie baekeland wife, russian sage psychoactive, the link cheraw, sc obituaries, poems about women’s role in society, places to eat near pullman yards atlanta, malone telegram arrests 2018, kore essentials leather vs nylon, comment se faire rembourser ses lunettes perdu par son assurance, benefits of eating neem powder on empty stomach, caitlin rose connolly, movement mortgage address, schweppes russchian discontinued, clemson student death, david webb show guest host today, mini cooper truck conversion,

C4303449 : Just Listed

Looking for a good sized family home with big rooms and a very large backyard that is fenced, includes a deck & a double detached garage while still have lots of space, this is it! The home itself has a welcoming front porch & tons of windows. The main floor has a big foyer, a front living/flex room (using as playroom), a large family room with fireplace, big kitchen, eating area, a powder room & laundry room. The 2nd floor has another family room with a balcony off it, perfect for a morning coffee or an evening glass of wine. The bedrooms are all big and lots of great closets. The double garage doesn’t put a dent in the backyard so lots of room for backyard play & bbqs on the deck. The location is great too! Walk to High St shops, easy access to 52 St, Stoney Tr, Deerfoot, 130 Ave Shops & services, but on a quiet street. You’ll love the paved back alley AND it’s zoned for carriage homes if you want to build one! 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C4303256 : Just Listed

Are you looking for a large private fully fenced & landscaped yard? What about a pristine light filled, 3 + 2 bedroom home on a tree lined street that is centrally located and has a double garage! This beautiful home fits that bill! Enjoy your two large decks, one in front & one in back, so sun or shade, evening or morning, wine or coffee, your choice! Character features like hardwood floors, arched doorways, cove style knockdown ceilings and nooks, add charm to the home while modern bathrooms and kitchens make it easy to enjoy. The separate entrance to the basement with it’s acoustic tile ceiling, very large windows and big rooms make it a great space. This home is filled with light and offers the charm of a time gone by. You can pick Ambrosia apples from multiple trees in your backyard and build equity on a large R2 lot in a beautiful community full of redevelopment. The roof on this house is only one year old so will be good for a long time to come and the home has been impeccably maintained. 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C4294018 : Just Listed

Looking for a well built bungalow on a quiet street with 3 bedrooms up, a huge eat in kitchen with 2 pantries, and a large living room with a big newer window (that opens), you have found your new home! The master bedroom is large, has 2 closets & a cheater door to the bathroom. Downstairs, the huge family room has a good sized wetbar, a bedroom, a large hobby room or den (add a window and you have a 5th bedroom), a 3pc bathroom (needs work)& a large laundry room. The yard is huge and the basketball hoop (included) on the edge of the patio is perfectly placed for a game of one on one. There is a shed to store your lawn mower and gardening tools and the yard is fenced. Two parking spots are ready for you off the back lane and there is plenty of room to build a garage. The roof was done in 2014, the stove is ceran top, the updated bathroom has a Toto ECO ADA fast flush, full-height, elongated toilet, a window & a fan, there is updated lighting throughout & the lot is 50′ wide and 100′ deep. welcome home View Listing Details …

C4292203 : Just Listed

Looking for a house with lots of windows that feels new & has central air conditioning in established area with amenities, parks & shops? With updated lighting, new paint, new flooring & new washer & dryer in 2nd floor laundry room this one feels brand new. You’ll love the big window in the front office/sitting room AND the chef’s kitchen, oversized dining area, 2 pc powder room & huge family room on the main. Kitchen has lots of cupboards & counter space, a custom pantry, mineral water on tap, & gas range. Upstairs are the laundry room, large master suite with ensuite (with skylight) & walk in closet, 2 more bedrooms & another full bathroom. It has a south maintenance free backyard, an amazing insulated, heated, sound proof, fire rated oversized double garage with 220 wiring & 10′ high. Your full size pickup truck will fit! Also, a gas bbq hookup on the deck, a heated dog house in the dog run, raised planters in the yard, a beautiful front porch and a basement ready to develop with subfloor & r/in bath View Listing Details …

C4288780 : Just Listed

First time buyers, retro lovers or renovators will love this home. It’s dated but lovingly maintained over the years. If you want a large bungalow on a big lot in Palliser for a great price, this is it! Enjoy big rooms, lots of light, family sized west facing backyard with 2 storage sheds and an oversized double detached garage. Upstairs there are 3 bedrooms and 1 1/2 baths (incl 2 pc ensuite), a formal dining room, huge living room with fireplace and eat in kitchen. Downstairs enjoy the retro 70s rumpus room, with fireplace, cold storage under the stairs, laundry chute from upstairs bathroom empties into the laundry/utility room in basement, and 3 piece ensuite for basement bedroom. There are hardwood floors, newer appliances, and most windows have been replaced. The roof was done 2 years ago and the furnace has always been serviced. It’s in a great walkable mature neighbourhood close to everything and there is a 3 season sunroom off the back of the house (not included in the total size of the sq ft). View Listing Details …

C4284716 : Just Listed

How would you like to live where you’ll likely see & hear more wildlife than in Banff, stare out at amazing Mountain views from your bed, your couch, your kitchen and especially your balcony? Would you like to feel like you’re away from the city but are actually close enough to get to everything you could need quickly? You’re going to love living here! Grab a glass of wine and watch the amazing sunsets or enjoy your morning coffee and marvel at the beautiful mountains and ravine. Single level living over 1300 sf, with huge west facing windows to enjoy the views, titled u/g parking & storage, convenient elevator, guest suites available or you have a murphy bed in bedroom 2 for close friends who want to stay in your unit, a huge insuite laundry room is so convenient, quartz counters in the well laid out kitchen with storage for everything & a giant island are just the start to this great unit. Tons of closet space in your king sized bedroom with well planned 5 piece ensuite & there is a full guest bathroom. View Listing Details …

C4275921 : Just Listed

Do you want to live in a top floor 2 bedroom 2 bath and den, corner unit? Would you enjoy views of the lake from your kitchen and living room windows and from the big wrap around balcony (4’8″ x 11’5″). How about underground titled, heated parking? Looking for upgraded laminate floors throughout, long granite counters with eat up bar, pot drawers, double sink, pantry closet, all major appliances included, insuite laundry, a den with french doors, large entryway, oversized walk-in shower in your ensuite bath, tons of light through multiple windows? Need a storage locker to keep all your extra stuff? There is one of those too! Maybe you’d enjoy a walk to VIVO (sports & rec centre), or shopping, restaurants & lots of services. If commuting, you’ll find the bus hub at North Point a very convenient service and if you like to go for a stroll, the walk around the lake is good exercise, a pretty view and lots of places to stop along the way. Enjoy easy access to Country Hills BV, Deerfoot & Stoney Trail too. View Listing Details …

C4273718 : Just Listed

There is a mountain view out your bedroom window, a garage that holds 2 vehicles (with direct access into the house) & a driveway for a third, 2nd floor laundry (with a floor drain which is very important and is an upgrade put into this home but not there in most), 2 big bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, a deck and a patio. Tons of cupboard space in your huge, bright kitchen, big windows throughout, hunter douglas blinds, great location with tons of street parking for visitors (plus there is visitor parking) and a bus less than a 2 minute walk away. It’s a short walk to restaurants and shops and it’s an Avi built home so you know it’s quality. Low condo fees and maintenance free living – it’s the perfect home for first time buyers or a move up property from your tiny apartment to all this space! Close enough to major roadways for easy access but far enough away so noise is not an issue. This contemporary home is ready for you to move in and enjoy! Where are you going to find a property like this for $270,000! View Listing Details …